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Beyond the Labyrinth 3D Screenshots

Get a taste of what it's like to play tri-Ace's new 3DS RPG.


It's not much, but Konami has finally given us an update on Beyond the Labyrinth, tri-Ace's new 3DS RPG. The game's official site was updated with three MPO image files which can be saved to your 3DS for viewing in full 3D.

I've posted the images here for PC-based viewers, but be sure and download them directly from the official site for viewing on the 3DS. (Note: The fourth image can be downloaded in MPO form from 4Gamer.)

We haven't heard anything about Beyond the Labyrinth since its announcement alongside PSP's Frontier Gate a couple of months back. The release of these images is hopefully an indication that Konami will begin to promote the game.

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.