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Arc The Lad Staff Releases New RPG on Mobage

Team up with friends to defeat ancient Mononoke creatures.


The staff of classic PlayStation RPG Arc the Lad have reassembled to create an all new RPG. And you can play it today, on your cell phone.

The new game is called Mononoke Wanted!, a "monster hunt RPG" for the popular Mobage mobile social gaming service. Members of the service can download and play it now for free.

Mononoke Wanted!'s story centers on Mononoke, evil spirits from old times. With the advancement in science and technology, people in modern times have come to believe that the Mononoke are just figments of the imagination. Suddenly one day, Mononoke begin to appear and swallow up people.

You play as a Mononoke hunter, someone who has the ability to use ancient weapons that were designed for defeating the Mononoke. You'll need to team up with friends for this task, making use of character types like wizards, swordsmen and gunners.

The staff list for Mononoke Wanted! includes:

  • Producer: Ryoji Akagawa (Arc the Lad series)
  • Character Designs: Ryuichi Kunisue (Arc the Lad series)
  • Scenario: Norihiko Yonesaka (Arc the Lad 2)
  • Director: Kentaro Matsunaga (Arc the Lad 1, 2 and 3 planner)
  • Graphics: Koyama Eiji (Arc the Lad 1 and 2 graphics)
  • World View Design: Hiroshi Hayashi (Arc the Lad series world view design)

Access the official site for additional details.

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