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Keiji Inafune, Suda 51, Yuji Naka and Others Developing for Mobage

No More Heroes, Harvest Moon and other titles on the way.

This is Keiji Inafune's second announced social game.

DeNA has signed on some major game industry names to produce content for its popular Mobage social gaming network. As part of the company's new Super Creators initiative, producers like Keiji Inafune, Suda 51 and Yuji Naka will develop games for the service.

At a press conference today (as covered at 4Gamer), DeNA revealed five creators who will contribute to the Super Creators project:

Keiji Inafune
Comcept. The former Capcom development head is producing an app called J.J. Rockets. The nature of the game hasn't been revealed, but Inafune suggested it will be an action game.
Suda 51
Grasshopper Manufacture. He'll be releasing something based off No More Heroes.
Yuji Naka
Prope. The creator Sonic and Nights said that he hopes to release a game that uses positional information and has growth and adventure elements.
Yoshifumi Hashimoto
Marvelous Entertainment. He'll be releasing a game based off Harvest Moon. The game will link up with weather and seasonal information and will allow for communication with friends.
Noritaka Funamizu
Crafts & Meister. He'll be working on a brand called "Nama-ge."

These games will be published by AQ Interactive. 4Gamer's report says that the No More Heroes and Harvest Moon related apps are due for release this Winter. The site does not list timeframes for the other games.

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