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Final Fantasy Type-0's Crystarium and Magic Systems Detailed

You're going to probably want to power up your magic before facing off against one of these.

It looks like those reports from last week about Final Fantasy Type-0 having its very own "Crystarium" system were accurate. Dengeki has details this week, and Sokuho@Hokanko has, as always, provided a detailed summary.

In Final Fantasy XIII, the Crystarium was a graphical growth system for powering up your characters. It was used to unloc new spells and boost HP, MP and other parameters.

In Type-0, the Crystarium system is actually called "Alto Crystarium." You use this system to power up your magic.

Defeated enemies leave "Phantoma," which is said to be the source for magic. When you suck this up, your magic recovers a bit. The amount of recovery depends on the type of Phantoma, as indicated by the color.

The Phantoma is also used in the Alto Crystarium to power up your magic. Depending on the type of magic, you can power up the magic in different areas. For example, your Fire RF magic can be powered up in strength, MP usage, call time, projectile distance and speed. Increasing the Fire RF magic's strength parameter requires six red phantomas.

Separate from the Crystarium details, Dengeki has general details on the game's magic system. Magic comes in three elemental types: fire, ice and thunder. The various spells also differ in attack pattern and call method. There are at least five varieties in this area:

SHG (Shotgun): This type spreads at multiple height levels. It doesn't travel far, but is powerful against close enemies.

RF (Rifle): This type shoots out straight in the direction of the target. It travels far but has narrow range.

BOM (Bomb): This type is effective in your immediate surroundings. It can be useful against quick enemies and small enemies.

MIS (Missile): This type chases after the enemy before releasing its magic. The higher level (that is, the magic with the "ra" and "ga" at the end of their names) will expand to encompass surroundings.

ROK (Rocket Launcher): When you begin casting this type, a target will appear. The magic will fire in the direction that you aim. When it strikes, it will explode and damage enemies in the surroundings.

Dengeki also has an interview with Hajime Tabata and Yusuke Naora, as well as the latest character details. Check back later in the day for that.

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