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Famitsu's Readers Share Thoughts on Wii U

You'll never guess what game franchise and game creator fans want on the new system.


You've probably formed an opinion about Wii U (pictured above) in the month following its June announcement. But we can all probably agree that far more important than your little opinion is the opinion of Famitsu's readers.

Following its recent look at PlayStation Vita, Famitsu released the results of a Wii U reader survey this week. The magazine asked Famitsu.com visitors to respond to questions about a variety of Wii U issues. Here are the major results, as summed up at Sokuho@Hokanko.

Impression of the name:
Total 3,200 votes, multiple responses okay
720 said that the name lacks impact. 620 said that it's easy to remember. 590 said the name does not match. 350 said that it has a nice ring to it. 430 said it's easy to get used to. 190 said it's difficult to get used to.

First Impression at announcement:
Total 1,930 votes
740 said they felt the appeal of the system. 650 said they did not feel the appeal. 540 were unsure.

What area appealed to you?
Total 4,080 votes, multiple responses okay
Controller (1,140 votes), Full HD visuals (1,040 votes), High capacity optical disc (540 votes), Compatibility with Wii peripherals (530 votes), Title lineup (380 votes)

Things that are on your mind about the controller
Total 3,870 votes, multiple responses okay
Size, weight etc. (1,310 votes); connectivity between display and television (1,020 votes); How games that use the touch functionality and so-forth will play (710 votes); Accelerometer and gyro sensor (410 votes)

What announced game interests you?
Total 1,190 votes
Smash Bros. (560 votes), Pikmin (330 votes), Assassin's Creed (80 votes), Tekken (70 votes), Ghost Recon (50 votes).

What series do you want to see released on Wii U?
1,130 votes, multiple responses okay
Zelda (210 votes), Super Mario Bros. (100 votes), Dragon Quest (80 votes), Mario Kart (50 votes), Monster Hunter (50 votes)

What game creator do you want to work on the Wii U
Shigeru Miyamoto was the top response. Readers are also interested in Hideo Kojima, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Masahiro Sakurai.

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