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Mega Man Legends 3 Programming Director Encourages Fans

Yoshiyuki Fujikawa wants to see how things turn out.


If you're taking part in the fan movement to get Capcom to reinstate the Mega Man Legends 3 project, you'll be happy to know that your cries are not going unheard. Writing at Twitter today, the game's programming director Yoshiyuki Fujikawa said that he's personally interested in seeing how things turn out.

While saying that he's not in a position to wish petitioners good luck, he said that he will offer a feeling of support. He also appears to have a positive outlook on the chances of the petition getting notice, saying that perhaps the message will get through if fans show a lot of interest. He also recalled an instance when such fan activities lead to the release of a Nadesico DVD.

While Fujikawa doesn't make any statements about the possibility of the project being revived, it should at the very least be of some comfort to see someone so central to the project taking notice.

[Via Hachimaki]

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