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This is Suda 51 Making Sdatcher

The man behind Lollipop Cheerleader gets behind the mic in Hideo Kojima's recording studio.


We already have some idea of what happens when Suda 51 makes a game (that is to say, we really have no idea!). Pretty soon, we'll find out what happens when Suda 51 tries to do voice acting.

Here's Suda 51 in the recording studio:

Not just any recording studio, though. Suda is in the studio over at Kojima Productions, which is why Hideo Kojima was able to provide the image.

Of course, Suda is recording for Sdatcher, the radio drama that's based off Kojima's classic adventure game Snatcher. Both Kojima and Suda have cameo appearances.

Here are some more pics, one from Kojima and two from Suda:

If I'm not mistaken, the artwork in the shot with Kojima would be the second piece of art released for the drama. That appears to be the drama's "cover art" below the Sudachi snacks.

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