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Idea Factory and Compile Hearts Have 3DS and PS Vita Games in the Works

CEO praises Kieji Inafune in Gemaga interview.

A battle scene from Compile Heart's Neptune Mk.2

Remember how we all expected Neptune Mk.2 to be a PlayStation Vita game due to the portable theme of its story? Of course, it ended up being a PlayStation 3 game. But we may not have to wait too long for a Vita title from Compile Heart.

This month's Gemaga has a four page interview with staff from Idea Factory president Shingo Kuwana and Compile Hearts president Yoshiaki Satou (Compile Heart is a subsidiary of Idea Factory). The two reveal that they have plans for PlayStation Vita and 3DS titles. While saying that they can't give details at present, Satou noted that the games are so far along that they could be announced at any time.

The interview dealt with a number of other issues regarding the two companies. Kuwana said that the first half of the year saw profits of 800 million yen, already higher than the 700 million from the full prior year. The reason for such performance is that few projects failed to make a profit.

Keiji Inafune's appearance in Neptune Mk.2 was also taken up in the interview. Kuwana said that Inafune has a a strong effect on the company's staff. He has "power," said Kuwana, and suggested that Inafune should go around Japan making visits to all the game companies.

Neptune Mk.2 has collaborations with more than just Inafune.

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