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Nuclear disaster themed adventure game Root Double resurfaces, confirmed for Xbox 360


Root Double is a new suspense adventure game from Takumi Nakazawa, creator of such acclaimed adventure games as Ever 17. The game is set in a nuclear plant and follows the exploits of nine characters who must escape from entrapment underground as the plant suffers a meltdown.

Following a December countdown tease, the game saw official announcement in January for an undisclosed platform (Nakazawa would only say that the game would be released for a system with a "3" in the name). However, as one might expect given the background story, publisher Yeti halted promotions on the game in March following the earthquake and tsunami.

The game has finally resurfaced. Earlier today, Yeti announced that it has restarted the project. Development will continue, and promotions are being held with an eye on an eventual release.

In a message at the game's official site, Nakazawa also revealed that the platform will be Xbox 360.

Nakazawa's message explained that one of the main concerns in resurrecting the project was whether to change the background story. In the end, they decided to keep the story the same and, as best they can, follow the game's original plan. Japanese readers can read a lengthy explanation of the reasons for this decision at the official site.

While Root Double was originally announced for 2011 release, the time frame is now TBA. As the first step in restarting the game's promotion engine, new information will be released at the official site on August 5. Yeti will also have the game in its booth at Comic Market 80, which will be held from August 12 through August 14 at Tokyo Big Site.

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