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Kojima Appears to Confirm 60 FPS for Peace Walker Remake

The Metal Gear master speaks about framerates in a series of Tweets.


Hideo Kojima has been not-so-subtly hinting today that Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker will get a framerate bump to 60 frames per second for its HD remake.

In a series of Tweets accompanied by images of Peace Walker's HD remake, Kojima said such things as "60 frames per second in HD... it's the best! Say peace!"

Metal Gear Solid 3's HD conversion was previously confirmed to get an update to 60 frames (here's Kojima confirming it). According to Kojima, they'd originally tried to make the PS2 version of MGS3 60 frames per second, but the collision detection and jungle visuals were too intensive, so they had to keep it at 30.

MGS2's original version already ran at 60 frames. In fact, Kojima said via Twitter today that he pushed 60 frames for the game due to influences from effects master Douglas Trumbull.

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