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Retailer Horribly Confused by 3DS Price Cut

One shop decides to stop selling the system until the price cut date.


There appears to be some confusion amongst some retailers (or at least one retailer) regarding the 3DS price cut that Nintendo announced yesterday.

A retailer posted this notice today:

The notice says that the shop included a listing for the 3DS in a newspaper insert today (the 29th). Nintendo made its sudden price reduction announcement after the ad had gone to print.

Here's where the shop's actions are a bit extraordinary. As mentioned in the notice, the price drop will not take effect until August 11. Rather than selling the system at its current price until then, however, the shop will stop selling 3DS systems entirely until the price drop date.

Nintendo's 20 free Virtual Console games extends to anyone who buys a 3DS and connects to the e-Shop by 23:59 on the 10th, so it's unlikely that Nintendo intends for retailers to take this action.

Of course, availability issues shouldn't matter much for the 3DS. News of the system's sales difficulites and the price drop is prominent in all the major newspapers today, and on all the morning variety shows that show pics of the papers an read the articles. Potential 3DS customers probably know about the price drop, so unless there are a bunch of people who'd pay 10,000 yen for a collection of Game Boy Advance and Famicom games, expect the system's sales to plummet in next week's sales charts.

[Via My Game News Flash]

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