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Metal Gear Solid Remakes Go Playable at Tokyo Game Show

More 60FPS talk, this time from Kojima Productions' PR man.


Another unsurprise for September's Tokyo Game Show. Following Sony's recent revelation that PlayStation Vita will have a major presence at the show, Kojima Productions has said that Metal Gear Solid HD Edition will be playable. Not too surprising, of course, as the games (in Japan, Peace Walker is separate from the remakes of MGS2 & 3) are due for release in November.

This isn't actually a formal "announcement" that the games will be at the event. Kojipro PR man Jiro Oishi just mentioned it in a Tweet earlier today.

Following Hideo Kojima's earlier hints that the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker remake will be running at sixty frames per second, Oishi said it straight out: MGS HD Edition, including Peace Walker, is being made to run at sixty frames per second. He told players to look forward to trying it out at TGS.

All three MGS HD remakes, including Peace Walker (above), will run at 60 frames per second, Oishi confirmed.

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