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Build Your Town in Rune Factory 4 With the "Prince System."

Plus, meet the latest character in MMV's 3DS sequel.


Rune Factory 4 gives you the option of a male or female lead. The male lead character, Lest, is a prince. The female lead character, Frey, is a princess.

Regardless of your character's gender, you'll use of a system known as the "Prince System." This system is used to build up your city, Selphia, and make it an attractive spot for tourists. Specifics are unclear at present, but it looks like you'll make use of "Prince Points" to hold festivals, expand your town's facilities and so-forth. If you manage to make a nice little town, you'll be labeled "Crown of Crown," the mark of the ultimate prince (or princess).

Joining this look at the Prince System today, Marvelous introduced us to a new character, Wolkanon. This elderly steward works for a dragon who apparently helped out the main character in some way.

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