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A Tour Around the World of Final Fantasy Type-0

The four kingdoms that make up the world in the next Fabula Nova Crystallis game.


The world of Final Fantasy Type-0 consists of four countries, each with its own crystal that is protected by a "Peristerium" organization. Square Enix's latest update on the game provided us with a detailed look at each country.


Home to the main characters, who attend the Peristerium Suzaku, a magic school. The nation is governed by a group of eight who also head up the school.

Attendees at the Peristerium are selected by the crystal for their magic ability, and following entrance exams are split into appropriate classes. The characters you control are all in Class 0.

The head of state is the school chancellor, Khalia Chival VI, who was known as a great sorcerer in his youth.


An empire whose emperor has gone missing. Admiral Cid Aulstyne now handles all matters of government, and desires to obtain the crystals from the other three nations.

Cid also heads the Byakko Peristerium, an organization that conducts research into the energy from the Byakko crystal. This energy is used for military and domestic affairs.

Different from the crystals of other countries, whose power can be wielded only by a select few (like the students in Suzaku), the power of the Byakko crystal is used to create weapons and "Mado Armor" (Magitek Armor) mecha, which can be used by all citizens. This has allowed the army to develop into a force of many tens of thousands.


In Lolica Commonwealth, located in a harsh mountain region, Genbu Peristerium manages the Genbu Crystal. The people of Lolica directly take in the power of the crystal to strengthen their bodies, making them bigger than the people of other countries. Pretty much all citizens serve as knights for the country.

A central figure in Lolica is Gilgamesh, a l'Cie from the Genbu Crystal. He has forgotten his focus (mission) and appears on the battle field attempting to target opponents' weapons.

The l'Cie in Type-0 appear to be similar to the l'Cie in FFXIII -- they're given a focus, here by the crystal, and hold greater power than a normal human.


A kingdom that manages the Souryu Crystal. The people of Concordia use the power of the Souryu Crystal to communicate with dragons and monsters, an ability that is used to aid in daily life and to give military strength. Most citizens are small framed even as adults, and soldiers rely on speed and lengthy spears for combat.

Top posts in the Concordia government are held by women. The highest figure is Andoria, the queen. She's the physical representation of the Souryu Crystal, and the only one who can communicate with the Queen Dragon.

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