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3DS Sales Fall Following Pricedrop Announcement

Queen's Gate and Devil Survivor 2 can't push Rhythm Heaven from the top spot.

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos (above and top image)

Word of Nintendo's upcoming 10,000 yen price drop for the 3DS spread quickly, it seems. Media Create's hardware chart for last week, which includes four days of post price drop announcement sales, shows the 3DS at 16,415 units, or around half of what the system sold the week prior.

The system will have to endure one more week of pre-drop purgatory, which will be reflected in next week's charts. The price drop takes effect on August 11.

Here's this week's full hardware chart, covering July 25 through July 31. Last week's sales are in parentheses.

  • 1. PSP: 36,659 (26,854)
  • 2. PS3: 20,704 (23,343)
  • 3. Wii: 18,232 (17,114)
  • 4. 3DS: 16,415 (31,826)
  • 5. DSi LL: 5,267 (5,258)
  • 6. DSi: 4,625 (4,921)
  • 7. X360: 1,616 (1,546)
  • 8. PS2: 1,594 (1,475)
  • 9. DS Lite: 138 (155)
  • 10. PSP go: 7 (14)

In software, Rhythm Heaven took the top spot for the second week in a row, bringing its total to above 200,000. Newcomers Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos and Devil Survivor 2 took second and third place.

Here's the full software chart, covering July 25 through July 31. Life to date sales are in parentheses.

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