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Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Hits on August 11

Unlock special "summer" clothing in final version by playing demo.


Square Enix has announced an availability date for the free Final Fantasy Type-0 demo that was first revealed in Famitsu this week. You'll get to try out the game's "Natsubi" sampler on August 11. The demo will be released via PlayStation Store and the game's official site.

Those who play the demo will unlock special summer clothing for the game's characters. This can be carried over into the final version.

Unlock this special summer clothing for use in the retail version.

This downloadable demo is basically the same as the demo that's currently on display at a Square Enix demo event in Odaiba. That version offers four missions and seven characters. Famitsu's report said that the downloadable version will have some adjustments, but Square Enix has not yet provided clarification on this area.

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