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No Final Fantasy Versus XIII at Tokyo Game Show

Timing set for next showing, says Tetsuya Nomura in Dengeki PlayStation interview.

Tetsuya Nomura knows when we'll see more.

Tetsuya Nomura is one of the main headliners in this week's issue of Dengeki PlayStation. To commemorate its 500th issue, the magazine got Nomura to draw a cover with six characters: Noctus (FF Versus XIII), Lightning (FFXIII-2), Serah (FFXIII-2), Noel (FFXIII-2), Machina (FF Type 0) and Rem (FF Type 0).

Nomura is also featured in a lengthy interview in the magazine. According to the usual early leak sources, Nomura tells the magazine that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will not be shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show, which will be held in mid September. However, the timing for the game's next showing has been set, he also confirms.

Nomura also mentions a few of Square Enix's other major titles in the interview. He refers to 3DS rhythm title Theatrhythm Final Fantasy as the first entry in Square Enix's 25th anniversary festivities for the FF series. Regarding Final Fantasy Type-0, he says that the game has some as yet unannounced characters who have major voice actors. He also says something about Kingdom Hearts 3D, but his comment is full of blanks, making it difficult to figure out what he's saying.

Dengeki also has commentary from Yoshinori Kitase, Yusuke Naora, Motomu Toriyama, Hiromichi Tanaka, Hajime Tabata, and other Square Enix VIPs, so we'll hopefully get additional updates throughout the day.

For those eagerly awaiting an update on Versus XIII, it's possible that we'll still get something at TGS. The game has appeared in some capacity at the past two TGS events despite initial hints from Nomura that this wouldn't be the case.

[via FF Reunion]

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