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Nippon Ichi Hints at Four New Games

New titles from the Disgaea, Prinny and Classic Dungeon teams.

You remember Criminal Girls, don't you?

Nippon Ichi confirms Disgaea 3 Return for PlayStation Vita in this week's Dengeki PlayStation. But that's not all. As part of an interview, the publisher also provides hints on at least four new titles.

Here are the details on the four games via the usual magazine leak sources:

1. An action RPG from the Prinny team with full polygon visuals. We'll get our first look in about a month. Platform is unspecified.

2. An all new title from the Disgaea team. This is said to have the visual quality of the illustrations from Disgaea 4. The staff is using the knowhow it gained from Disgaea 4 for networking and other areas. The game will have a famous illustrator for its character designs. Platform is unspecified.

3. A new title from System Plasma, makers of Classic Dungeon. Platform is unspecified.

4. Japanese release of a 3DS game that was popular overseas.

It also looks like the decision makers at Nippon Ichi want to make a PlayStation Vita sequel to PSP's Criminal Girls. However, this won't be happening for the time being, as they would not make a sequel without Kazuya Niinou.

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