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New PS3 Firmware Adds PSP Remaster Compatibility

Synch your save files and set your screen via newly added options.


Version 3.70 of the PlayStation 3's firmware is available today. Joining some PlayStation Plus exclusive features, the firmware update makes your PS3 ready for the PSP Remaster series, which kicks off on the 25th with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD.

Once you've updated your firmware, you'll find new settings specific to PSP Remasters:

  • Screen Mode: Select from normal and full
  • 3D Output: Turn off or select between seven levels of 3D depth
  • Ad-Hoc Channel: Select automatic or channels 1, 6 or 11 for connecting to other systems
  • PSP Remaster Ad-Hoc Mode: Turning this on will let you use Ad-Hoc mode while using Ad-Hoc Party.

The update also makes it so that your PSP and PS3 can share PSP Remaster save data between the original PSP title and its PSP Remaster counterpart. You'll need to copy the save data to your PSP first.

New PSP Remaster options.

Separate from the PSP Remaster update, the firmware update adds automatic Trophy synching and automatic save data upload. These are just for PlayStation Plus members.

PSP was also given a firmware update to version 6.60 today. This update is mostly a software stability update, but it also removes the PlayStation Spot option from the system's Network menu, corresponding with the end of the PlayStation Spot web page service (PlayStation Spot, Sony's retail information kiosks, can continue to be used as a PSP access point). The PSP firmware update does not appear to have anything to do with the PSP Remaster series.

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