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Disgaea Character Designer and Musician Working on New Title for Early 2012

First character art for new action RPG shown at stage event.


Nippon Ichi CEO Sohei Niikawa shared a couple of additional hints today about one of the mystery game's he'd mentioned in a Dengeki PlayStation interview earlier this week.

Niikawa took the stage today during the Akihabara Denkigai Festival event in Tokyo's electronics capital and said that one of the new games is an action RPG with character designs from Disgaea series character designer Takehito Harada and Disgaea musician Tenpei Satou. The new game will be announced towards the end of September and is planned for release in early 2012.

Based off Niikawa's comments, the game in question appears to be the new game from the Prinny team. In his interview with Dengeki, Niikawa said that this game would have full polygon visuals.

During the stage show, Niikawa shared a brief sample of the game's music and also showed one piece of artwork. Impress Watch posted an image of the art.

Image from Impress Watch

A platform for the new game was not announced at the event.

Niikawa had actually mentioned three other titles in his Dengeki interview. Read this story for a summary of the interview.

The stage event also marked the official unveiling point for Disgaea 3 Return. The Vita version's producer Shogo Kosakai appeared in Prinny attire to introduce the game. Visit the Impress Watch story for pics from the event.

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