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Yoshitaka Amano Artwork Featured on Final Fantasy Type-0 Soundtrack

Bump of Chicken also immortalized as retro sprites from game's staff.


Bump of Chicken is providing the theme song "Zero" for Final Fantasy Type-0. Normally, a major musical tie-up would result in a CD single release for the theme song. That's going to happen here too, but Square Enix is going a bit farther than usual with its promotions.

First and foremost is the cover for the single's limited edition:

If it looks a bit like a Final Fantasy cover, that's because it's a Yoshitaka Amano illustration. This is the first time Amano's artwork has been used on a CD jacket as part of a game collaboration, Square Enix said.

Joining the Amano cover, the limited edition will include a DVD with special videos produced by the game's staff.

The staff also converted the Bump of Chicken members into retro sprite form. The sprite art will be used in the jacket.

The sprite Bump of Chicken.
The real Bump of Chicken.

The Zero single will be released on October 5, just ahead of Type-0's October 13 release. The limited edition, in production through January 2012, will sell for ¥1,500. In addition to the DVD and the Amano cover, it includes three songs: Zero, Smile and Zero "Final Fantasy Type-0" Opening Version. The standard version of the single will sell for ¥1,050. It includes just the first two songs and will have original Bump of Chicken cover art.

UPDATE 13:22: I've edited the story a bit, as the Amano artwork appears to be just the game's standard logo artwork flipped horizontally.

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