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Kojima Talks Metal Gear Solid 3DS and HD at Twitter

Plus, check out Solid Snake dressed in a Tower Records bag!


Hideo Kojima has been Tweeting about Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid HD Edition all day. Earlier, we passed along looks at the former's photo camouflage system and the latter's Trophy and Achievement icon artwork. Here are a few additional bits that Kojima has shared since.

First, another pic showing Snake Eater photo camouflage system, which uses the 3DS camera to turn ordinary objects into camouflage for Snake. The pic from earlier in the day showed a Bic Camera bag. This second pic shows a Tower Records bag (yes, Tower Records still lives in Japan!)

Here's another pic showing Snake wearing a Kojima Productions business card, along with a shot of the game's new touch screen interface. It looks like you're selecting from the available photo camouflages in this shot:

Regarding HD Edition, Kojima provided a few text-based updates.

First, some clarification about the Japanese and international versions of the game. In Japan, HD Edition includes HD remakes of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 along with a product code for the Game Archives version of Metal Gear Solid. The version of MGS3 is Subsistence, meaning you also get the MSX versions of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2. In total, you get MG1, MG2, MGS, MGS2 and MGS3. The HD remake of Peace Walker is sold separately in Japan.

Internationally, HD Edition includes the HD remakes of MGS2, MGS3 and Peace Walker. As with Japan, MGS3 is based off the Subsistence version, so you also get MG1 and MG2. In total, you get MG1, MG2, MGS2, MGS3, and Peace Walker. You'll have to get MGS1 on your own.

The version of MGS2 that's included in HD Edition is based off the original's Substance version. Japanese players have been asking Kojima if this means English voice-overs, which was one of the selling points of the original Substance. Kojima confirmed that the Japanese version of HD Edition will include Japanese voices for MGS2. (Based solely off Kojima's Tweet, it's unclear if English voices are included as well).

Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2 are included in their original form. While the development staff was originally considering putting at least the title screens in HD, they decided to keep it retro.

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