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PlayStation Vita Gets its First Love Sim

Prototype announces Little Busters conversion.


Prototype is developing a PlayStation Vita version of Little Busters Converted Edition, a love adventure game that was originally released on the PC in 2007 and was later ported to PSP and PS2.

The Vita conversion will see some improvements over the original, including touch panel support for selecting paths and mini games. The Vita version will also get a visual boost, with 960x544 resolution (up from the PC version's 800x600). You'll be able to save the game's event visuals as wallpaper graphics for the system.

The announcement of the Vita conversion came during Prototype's Fan Appreciation Day 2011 event, which was held in Akihabara on Saturday afternoon. CEO Toshio Tabeta revealed that the game is already running on Vita hardware, but did not share a release date or price. You can see some images from the event at Impress Watch.

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