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Sony Planning ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Event For September

Fumito Ueda to speak at event. Share your memories of the two classics for a chance to attend!


Sony will be gathering press and fans in Tokyo on September 3 for a "premium event" celebrating the upcoming PlayStation 3 releases of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. In addition to a chance to sample the HD remakes ahead of their September 22 release date, attendees will also get to see creator Fumito Ueda speak about his works.

The event will be held at noon on September 3 at an undisclosed location in Tokyo. Sony will be inviting 40 members of the general public to attend.

To enter the raffle for a ticket, you're going to have to take part in the "Great Scene Sharing" campaign that Sony is holding for the two games. This campaign involves introducing your favorite scene from ICO and Shadow via Twitter, Facebook or Mixi. Participants will get a special wallpaper, and will be entered into a raffle for the event tickets. Other prizes include a post card album set and an original USB card.

See the campaign page for additional details.

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