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Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay & Summon Systems

A high level look at some of the primary gameplay systems in Type-0.


Following our recent looks at Final Fantasy Type-0's world and characters, Square Enix has provided a recap of the various gameplay systems. All the information is old, but there are a bunch of new screens, so take a look.

Active World Map

You're free to move around the world, eventually making use of an air ship. The world map has towns, and dungeons, along with enemies waiting for encounter-based battles.

Fantoma & Alto Crystarium

Fantoma is considered the "source for magic." You can pick it up from fallen foes. It will recover your magic and can also be used in the Alto Crystarium system to strengthen your magic skills.


There are two types of missions in the game: main missions which are part of the story and are required, and optional "practice drills."

Main missions begin with a briefing from your teacher, Kurasame. You'll be given a location where you must go to begin the mission. As you work through the mission, you'll receive orders, shown in the top left of the screen.

The "practice drills" type include real time army-versus-army battles that are set on the active world map. As you work through these missions, you'll occasionally be assigned to storm an enemy stronghold, switching to the game's standard battle system.

Special Orders

During a mission, Arecia, head of magic at your school, will give out "special orders" to you. You can choose to accept to ignore these. Accept, and you'll gain special powers for a limited time. Accomplish the task, and you could get rewards. Fail, and your current character will die.

Basics of Battle

In the game's main battle system, you select three characters for an active party, switching off between the three as you fight. Each of the game's characters have unique weapons, abilities and magic. Your ultimate goal is to kill off the enemy commander, bringing an instant end to the fight without having to deal with all the subordinates, This may not be an easy task, though, as the commander is more powerful.

Kill Sight & Break Sight

Enemies whom you've locked on to will occasionally leave an opening where you can strike for greater damage. These openings are indicated by a red cursor, or Kill Sight, and a green cursor, or Break Sight. The former is more potent, and can kill off the enemy instantly. If you attempt to take advantage of these chances, but are off in your timing, you could end up taking the damage.


There are five basic magic types in the game: Rifle, Shot Gun, Bomb, Missile and Rocket Launcher. These were previously detailed here.

As with past Final Fantasy games, magic have "ra" and "ga" at the end of their names indicating more powerful versions. In Type-0, you achieve the ra and ga versions of magic by holding down the magic button, allowing your character more time to cast.


By sacrificing your current character, you can bring out a powerful "war god" onto the battlefield. These "war gods" are referred to in the Suzaku magic school as "summons."

So far, Ifrit, Golem, Odin and Shiva have been revealed. Bahamut is revealed in this week's Jump, but we'll have to wait for screens.

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