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Sega Developing Original Rhythm Game For 3DS

Travel around Paris with your dog Fondue and steal treasures from The Louvre.

This screen is from Namco Bandai's Laytonish Treasure Report on DS. Sega's new 3DS game has absolutely nothing to do with this image (but I for some reason find myself imaging that the art looks similar.)

Watch out Theatrhythm Final Fantasy! Sega is looking to "steal" the 3DS rhythm gaming market with Rhythm Phantom Thief R: Inheritance of the Emperor Napoleon.

This original 3DS title combines rhythm action with adventure gaming. Players assume control of Phantom Thief R, who travels through Paris with his dog Fondue, stealing treasures from real places like Notre-Dame and The Louvre.

The rhythm action component is used when you sneak into the buildings and attempt to escape. In addition to well-timed button presses, the game will require some tilt controls.

Sega is teaming up with famous artists for the game's musical component. Details will be announced in the coming days.

Early reports from Famitsu, where the game sees its debut this week, indicate that the game has an anime-ish look that is a bit like a cross between Lupin and Professor Layton.

Famitsu does not have a release time frame for the game, but does list it as 50% complete.

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