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Acquire Brings Gladiator Series To PlayStation 3

Three versus three online combat for PS3 version.


When Acquire first acquired the Gladiator license from Ertain back in 2009, it announced Gladiator Begins for the PSP.

But no one really cared, so they marketed the game like this:

For its next use of the license, Acquire appears to be going higher profile. Famitsu reveals that the company is teaming up with Kanagawa-based developer Goshow once again for Gladiator Versus, a new PlayStation 3 entry in the series.

As indicated by the "versus" in the title, the new title will have a multiplayer component, with support for three versus three online combat. The game will also have single player missions, each meant to offer brief five to ten minutes play sessions.

Gladiator Versus is due for release some time this year.

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