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CyberConnect2 CEO Hypes Up .hack PS3 Game [corrected]

More than just a bonus, shouts Maruyama.


NOTE: Impress Watch has retracted its original report about the .hack Blu-ray including a PS3 game. At present Namco Bandai has not made any announcement about releasing .hack as a hybrid disc similar to the PS3 Macross F games. We've left the story below as is, although it's unclear what Matsuyama was referring to

When Namco Bandai CEO Shin Unozawa revealed yesterday that the Blu-ray version of .hack//The Movie would be a hybrid disk with a PlayStation 3 game included, he qualified the statement by saying that the game would be a "small" or "little" game.

Now Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO of .hack developer CyberConnect2, has qualified Unozawa's statement via Twitter. A follower said that he was hoping the game content would be as absorbing as the movie. Matsuyama replied, "I'd like to shout out in a loud voice, it's not just a bonus!" He also added, "I wonder if I'll get in trouble again."

Without saying too much (and hopefully not getting in trouble), it looks like Matsuyama is hinting that there will be more to the game than the mini game content Unozawa's comments had implied.

.hack//The Movie is due out in theaters in January. No date has been announced for the Blu-ray release, so, regardless of how much game content is contained on the hybrid disc, it's possible that we'll have to wait a bit to play .hack in HD.

[via Game Jouhou]

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