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New Xbox 360 250 Gigabyte Bundle Includes Free Monster Hunter Frontier

Capcom and Microsoft bundle in the online Monster Hunter game but keep the price the same.


The current 250 gigabyte Xbox 360 costs ¥29,800. Microsoft and Capcom will be sweetening the deal next month by throwing in a game.

To commemorate the September 28 release of the latest Monster Hunter Frontier update, Microsoft and Capcom will release the "Xbox 360 250 Gigabyte Monster Hunter Frontier Online Trial Pack." Due for release on September 28, this limited edition package will carry the same ¥29,800 price point as the standard system.

Your ¥29,800 will get you all the normal items that come included with the standard Xbox 360 250 gigabyte system, along with product codes for downloading Monster Hunter Frontier Online and some special bonus events for use in the game.

The version of the game you download will let you play through Hunter Level 2. After that, you'll need to purchase a monthly subscription to continue play.

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