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PlayStation Vita Malicious is a Port

Alvion adding new content to portable version.

An enemy-packed scene from the PS3 version of Malicious.

First mention of a PlayStation Vita version of Malicious came from Dengeki PlayStation yesterday. Today, thanks to Famitsu, we know what the game is exactly.

The magazine reveals the Vita title to be a port of the PS3 title. Not just a direct port, though. There will be new elements, but just what these are is currently being kept under wraps.

As reported yesterday, the Vita version of Malicious will, like its PS3 counterpart, be released as a download title. Famitsu does not provide a final release date or price. The PS3 version was released for ¥800, a price that many considered quite low given the amount of content.

From the PS3 version of Malicious. The black limbs coming out from the character are formed from his cape.

[via Sokuho@Hokanko]

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