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Konami Press Conference Starts Now!

Check back for live updates as Konami details its upcoming lineup.


As detailed yesterday, Konami is holding a press conference in Tokyo today. The conference begins at 13:30. That is to say, it started a few minutes ago.

Famitsu.com is covering the event live, so Japanese readers can check the site for a live blog.

I'll post second hand updates based off Famitsu's live blog here. My own live blog thing isn't working, so you'll have to refresh the page manually.

Live Updates Follow

14:42: And that's it! The conference has ended. Check back later for further coverage.

14:41: Konami's booth will have a total of 34 games this year.

14:41: The theme for Konami's booth this year is "Share Your Experience." Yes, this has something to do with Twitter and Facebook.

14:34: Leading up to TGS, Konami will be broadcasting a series of TGS special programs through Ustream. These will air every Tuesday at 21:00.

14:33: Konami will show four PlayStation Vita titles.

14:33: Following Winning Eleven, they show a video introducing the rest of the TGS lineup. As usual, Konami will also be hosting games for its partners -- that is, games that it distributes.

14:28: They show a new PV for Winning Eleven, featuring Kagawa. This is followed by a look at the game, detailing the improvements to AI and so-forth.

14:27: Next, time for Winning Eleven! The PS3 version of Winning Eleven 2012 will be released on October 6. Shinji Kagawa will be on the cover.

14:26: Next, quick clips of Pop 'n Music Portable 2, Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill HD Edition.

14:25: Looks like that's it for HD Edition and Snake Eater today. No appearance by cool Kojima.

14:22: Konami will also be holding a campaign where players send in their fond memories of the Metal Gear Series via Twitter.

14:21: Kojima Productions will hold a stage event at the Tokyo Game Show. Additionally, those who play the Metal Gear games will receive a special fan.

14:18: Next, time for Metal Gear Solid -- PS360 HD Edition and 3DS Snake Eater.

14:16: Uchida officially announces the New Love Plus 3DS hardware bundles that appeared in Famitsu yesterday. The press floods the hall with flashes. The hardware will be on display at the Tokyo Game Show, where the game will also go playable.

14:15: Producer Akari Uchida takes the stage to introduce some of the new features.

14:14: New Love Plus is due for release this Fall, according to the trailer.

14:13: It appears that you can go out on double dates with your friends.

14:11: They're showing a first trailer for New Love Plus. The trailer introduces many of the previously announced features, like gyro sensor support for looking at the girls from various angles and "boyfriend lock" where the girl will only recognize you as her boyfriend.

14:08: Next, New Love Plus time!

14:04: They're going to be announcing Neverdead's Japanese voice staff today.

14:03: Neverdead will be playable at TGS. Additionally, a new promotion video will be shown.

14:00: Next up, PS360 title Neverdead. This has been covered quite heavily in the international press. The presenter introduces five points about the game:

  • the main character is dead
  • "no rules" (meaning you're free to do whatever you want)
  • "no reason" (meaning the main character continues to live for no particular reason)
  • "no cool" (meaning the main character isn't cool, and he isn't good looking either)
  • "No Jiri" (this is the name of someone who's working on the game)

13:57: It looks like Konami showed a trailer for the game but didn't share any specific game details. The trailer shows the girl from all the screenshots (who may or may not be the main character) exploring a dungeon. For actual details, TGS attendees will need to play the show demo.

13:56: The conference has now moved on to the other collaboration with tri-Ace, lovely 3DS dungeon RPG Beyond the Labyrinth.

13:55: Terror of the Stratus will be playable at TGS. Attendees will be able to play a digest version of the game's first chapter. On the 17th, Konami will hold a special stage for the game. Something "special" will happen here. (The presenter apparently said this with a laugh.)

13:54: Konami will release a radio drama for Terror of the Stratus which depicts the events three years prior to the start of the game. This will be released over six weeks, starting on September 15.

13:52: The Terror of the Stratus development staff are giving a presentation about the game. Famitsu says that the game is being developed with the support of a number of creators from the robot anime world. As previously announced, the scenario is from Hifumi Kouno.

13:50: The Terror of the Stratus presentation begins with a promotion video.

13:49: Next up, Terror of the Stratus, a collaboration between Konami and Infinite Space developer Nudemaker. I used to write the name for this as Senritsu no Stratus, but people seem to be translating it as Terror of the Stratus, so I'll use that.

13:48: Additionally, a demo of Frontier Gate will be released on September 15, the first day of the show. You'll be able to carry your data over to the final game, and will receive some bonus items.

13:47: Frontier Gate will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show in solo and multiplayer form and will also have stage events.

13:42: The details listed in Famitsu's writeup were previously known. However, Konami does show the game's opening video for the first time.

13:41: Following an introduction by some suit (CS division head Shinji Enomoto), the presentation turned to the first game: Frontier Gate, tri-Ace's new PSP RPG.

13:40: The event event, titled "Konami Media Conference" kicked off with a video introducing Konami's Tokyo Game Show lineup. Games like New Love Plus, Metal Gear and Winning Eleven were included.

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