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Play Metal Gear Solid at TGS For Fans

Kojima Productions has some sweet goodies for TGS attendees.


Kojima Productions is giving Tokyo Game Show attendees some incentive to line up for the various Metal Gear Solid games that will be on display at the event. Those who sample MGS HD Edition, MGS Peace Walker HD Edition (being sold separately in Japan) or MGS Snake Eater 3D will get one of these fans.

Those two question marks are for secret fans which will be distributed at random.

Kojima Productions also kicked off the "Metal Gear My Best Memories" campaign that was mentioned during Konami's press conference earlier today. Players are being asked to Tweet their memories from the series. The best Tweets will be read during the Kojima Productions stage event at TGS. Japanese speakers will find additional details here.

In other Kojima Productions news, the studio opened up its very own Facebook page today. Access it here.

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