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Final Fantasy Type-0 Screens

All the latest reveals, including Lv.54 Kurasame, the final Class 0 students, team attacks, and the Suzaku l'Cie.


Famitsu.com has posted the Final Fantasy Type-0 screens that appeared in this week's issue of Weekly Famitsu. Here's what you may want to be on the lookout for in the shots.

The Final Party Members

The last three Class 0 party members are Cinque, Trey and Cater. Cinque wields a heavy mace. Trey attacks from afar with bow and arrow and can also use a charge shot. Cater uses guns that can fire rapidly and charge for a more powerful blast.


Joining Gilgamesh are two additional l'Cie charactrs, Zhuyu from your home country of Suzaku and Qun'mi from the invading Byakko.

More Sub Characters

The masked character is the King of Concordia, who values himself above his people. The other character is Yuzuki, head of one of the guardian groups in Concordia.

Group Attacks

Earlier in the week, we detailed the game's group attack system, where all three members of your party combine their efforts to attack a single foe. This depletes your current character's ability gauge.

Prior to heading out on a mission, you have to select to have access to either summons or the group attack. The disadvantage of the group attacks is that they're weak compared to the summons. The disadvantage of the summons is that they instantly kill the character use use to summon them.


The latest summon character is Bahamut. Not nearly as attractive as Shiva.


As previously detailed, multiplayer is purposefully limited in Type-0. Other players can come into your game to fight alongside you, but only briefly. It's possible to extend your group play sessions by gathering SPP, or Security Player Points, from fallen foes.

Lv.54 Kurasame

When you're not playing actual multiplayer, you'll be supported by computer-controlled NPC characters. Included in the bunch is Kurasame, your powerful teacher.

There's a penalty for having powerful allies come to your aid, though, as your earned experience gets cut.

Relic Terminals

Finally, some details on character growth. Here and there throughout the game world, you'll come upon "Relic Terminals." You can save at these terminals and also use AP, or Agito Points, that you acquired during level ups to obtain new abilities for your characters.

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