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0D Beat Drop Creator Wants to Make Music Game on Vita

Hiroyuki Masuno outlines a new project he has in mind for Sony's upcoming portable.

Masuno (left) and Mori (right) discuss BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend and future projects at the PlayStation Vita community site.

Arc System Works' Hiroyuki Masuno is finishing up work on BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend, a PlayStation Vita version of the arcade fighter. But he also appears to be thinking about his next project for the system.

As part of an interview at the PlayStation Vita community site, Masuno was asked if he has plans for Vita following the release of Extend. He gave a surprisingly detailed outline of a project he has in mind.

Masuno hopes to make a music program that has rhythm game elements. He wants something that lets players import their own music, display a visualizer using the Vita's power, and offer touch screen controls for equalizer, DA, reverb and other effects. He'd also want to use the system's "Near" social functionality.

The catch phrase for this product would be "a music player that lets you play a rhythm game," said Masuno.

It's unclear how serious Masuno is about actually making this project. But if in a year or two you hear about a Vita music app from Arc System Works, you'll know who to suspect.

BlazBlue designer Toshimichi Mori also took part in the interview. Asked the same question, he responded that he's of course thinking of future Vita titles. While he's currently putting his full effort behind Extend, once that's out he expects to be able to speak further.

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