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Atlus Announces Persona 4 Vita, Persona 4 Fighter, and Teases Persona 5

From the PSP version of Persona 2 Innocent Sin.

This week's Famitsu has some major Persona announcements, ranging from the obvious to the totally unexpected.

First, the game everyone was expecting due to the recent teaser splash site, a remake of Persona 4. Atlus is bringing the PlayStation 2 title to PlayStation Vita as Persona 4 The Golden. This new version adds a number of new features:

  • A new character named Mary
  • 1.5 times the voice of the PS2 version
  • Wireless support for calling on others to help you when you're about to die in a dungeon.
  • Other elements that fans of the original have heavily requested
  • New opening anime with new song from Shouji Meguro
  • New animation movies

A release is set for Spring 2012.

A bit more surprising is Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena. Atlus is teaming up with Arc System Works for a 2D fighter that will be released first for arcades in Spring 2012, then for PS3 and Xbox 360 in Summer 2012.

Developed by the team behind Arc's BlazBlue fighting series, the Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena has a new story that takes place two months after the events of Persona 4. Characters from Persona 4 and Persona 3 will feature in the game.

Famitsu also has a few preliminary details on the next numbered entry in the Persona series, Persona 5. Basic preparations for the game's development have been completed, with the usual staff members in place. That includes Katsura Hashino as director, Shigenori Soejima as character designer, and Shouji Meguro as main composer.

[Via Sinobi]

Correction: A previous version of this story said that the Persona 4 fighter takes place two years after the events of Persona 4. It's actually two months.

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