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Toshihiro Nagoshi Aims For Major Changes With Yakuza 5

Yakuza creator shares high level details on next numbered title.

Nagoshi introduces Yakuza Black Panther at last year's Tokyo Game Show. Last year's show saw the unveiling of the zombie themed Yakuza Of the End, which was released in June. Will we get a glimpse at Yakuza 5 this year?

Yakuza 5 is now officially in development, but creator Toshihiro Nagoshi isn't saying too much about it. Sega's Yakuza series press conference earlier today was mostly devoted to outlining the formation of the Nagoshi's new studio, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio (named after the Japanese name of the Yakuza series), and the announcement of Yakuza Black Panther 2 for PSP.

During a group interview session with the press that followed the event, Nagoshi shared a few high level comments about Yakuza 5.

Asked about the concept of the game, Nagoshi said that when looking at the "drama" side of the series, the concept will not see major changes. However, he feels that they must pursue new things in terms of technology and play style. They're aiming to innovate on the gameplay side of things.

Asked about how drastic the gameplay changes could be, Nagoshi replied that they won't be as drastic as the game's action or drama components being completely removed, for instance. He feels that they must think both about current fans and newcomers.

The game's basic settings (this is not the "setting" as in location, but the settings as in the game's design) will be seeing changes, so Nagoshi hopes that people won't mind waiting a bit this time. While it would have been possible to get Yakuza 5 out quickly without changing the settings, Nagoshi feels that this isn't desired.

Sega usually shows off new Yakuza games at the Tokyo Game Show. So will we see more of Yakuza 5 at the September event this year? Nagoshi wouldn't give a firm yes or no. The game appears to be quite early, though. Nagoshi explained that while it would be a lie to say that there isn't a design document in place yet, he did feel that the timing of the announcement was a bit too early.

Expectedly, Nagoshi would not provide details on release time frame or platform when asked during the interview session.

Nagoshi also provided some clarification on the formation of Ryu ga Gotoku Studio. He's still an employee of Sega, he assured. In fact, although the studio has its own name, it's located within Sega. Nagoshi's work place hasn't changed.

Asked if he hopes Ryu ga Gotoku Studio will become a landmark brand for Sega similar to the old AM2 brand, Nagoshi replied that it would be nice if this would happen. However, rather than being known just for the studio itself, he hopes the brand becomes recognized by players as the studio that makes great games.

[via Famitsu.com]

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