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Dragon Quest Press Conference Being Held on Monday

Watch the unveiling of the next Dragon Quest game live!

Are we going to actually get a look at the next numbered Dragon Quest on Monday? (Shown here, Dragon Quest VIII.)

Square Enix will be hosting a Dragon Quest series press conference on Monday September 5. The event will see the unveiling of the latest Dragon Quest game, with an introduction to the game and video footage.

You can view a live broadcast of the event at Square Enix's Ustream channel. Tune in at 14:00.

Today's announcement from Square Enix didn't specifically mention "Dragon Quest X" by name, but this is presumably what they're referring to. Although the next numbered entry in the series was announced a couple of years back for the Wii, we've yet to actually see anything from the game.

The veil was expected to come off this month via a video that will be included with Wii's Dragon Quest Collection, but it looks like we may get an early peak on Monday!

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