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Masahiro Sakurai Defends Online Dragon Quest

Smash Bros. designer says treading the same ground over and over would not be good.


At today's Dragon Quest X unveiling press conference, Square Enix revealed the long awaited next numbered entry in the long running franchise to be an online RPG (the term "MMORPG" was never used, but it may apply). So how's Joe Japan Gamer reacting?

It's difficult to judge general reaction based off the ramblings of message board posters, so we're going to wait until someone like Famitsu attempts a more scientific survey of gamers. One game creator has made his opinion very clear, though.

Masahiro Sakurai, president of Sora and chief creative force behind Smash Bros., was asked for a statement by his followers on Twitter.

He responded: "After hearing that it's online, the number of people who say the classic style Dragon Quest would be better is probably not low. However, in a game industry where evolution and sudden changes are tolerated, even considered expected, just treading the same path would be be troubling. It's being made by people who've made sound titles in the past, so I'm greatly looking forward to it."

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