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Namco Bandai Gives More Support to Moms & Dads

Greater bonuses and a child care facility for employees.


Namco Bandai is expanding its support system for employees with children. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun (registration required) reports today that the company will be giving out greater bonuses to parents of multiple children, and will also make a child care space available in its main office.

For parents having their third child or beyond, Namco Bandai will give a support bonus of 2 million yen. Parents having their first or second child will receive a bonus of 200,000 yen.

Through this program, Namco Bandai hopes to have male employees take part in child rearing. The 2 million yen bonus can be received by both female and male employees alike, but the parent must take one week's time off within the first 56 days of the child's birth and write a "Child Rearing Report." The 200,000 yen bonus has no conditions attached.

The child care space, known as the "Kids Room," will be placed in the company's main Shinagawa office starting this Winter. A professional child care provider will be available in the room, which will be stocked with Namco Bandai's games and toys. The facility will be available exclusively over summer and winter breaks.

Namco Bandai told Nikkei that it is opening the Kids Room facility in response to employee requests that they provide a facility for kids during school vacation periods. The company is also looking into opening a similar facility in Yokohama and other cities where many of its employees live.

Through these initiatives, Nikkei reports, Namco Bandai is showing a proactive stance as a toy maker in the fight against Japan's declining birth rate.

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