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NES Version of Dragon Quest X Also in Development -- Report


Dragon Quest X will be available for Wii and Wii U, and to a lesser extent 3DS. But these aren't the only platforms Square Enix is supporting. According to the Kyoko Shimbun (no relation to the Kyoto Shimbun), the game is also planned for release on the Famicom. This is the Japanese equivalent of the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

The site provided first images of the Famicom version.

First screens of the Famicom version of Dragon Quest X. Square Enix released two screens of the Famicom version compared to the one screen of the Wii version, suggesting that Famicom may be the lead platform.

The image to the left show a battle party consisting of characters named Enix, Aerith Arus, Cloud and Tifa. The image to the right shows players being prompted to connect to the internet and search for party members.

Kyoko's article did not address how Square Enix plans on making a Famicom hook up with the internet. Perhaps this has something to do with the "USB Memory" device that is included with the Wii version?

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