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PS Vita Dream Club, New Fate/Extra, and FFXIII-2 Time Travel Details in This Week's Dengeki

The potential for Vita's front and rear touch controls have never been more apparent.

Famitsu promised nine new PlayStation Vita games for its upcoming issue, which hits shops on Thursday. As usual, Dengeki PlayStation details leak out ahead of Famitsu, and there are some big announcements in the magazine, but not just for Vita.

None of the following is confirmed yet (which is why I'm dumping it all in this story):

Dengeki has details this week on at least three PlayStation Vita games:

  • Dream Club Zero (D3 Publisher)
  • Let's Try Bass Fishing (Kadokawa Games)
  • Kuro-oni (Acquire)

Dream Club Zero was originally released on the Xbox 360 as a prequel to the first Dream Club game. The Vita version will apparently have new features.

The Kuro-oni game is said to be an action title.

Dengeki also has big PlayStation Portable news this week. The magazine reveals Fate/Extra CCC, a PSP RPG based off the Fate franchise. This is due for release in Spring 2012.

For virtual boyfriends and voyeurs, the magazine also reveals that Kadokawa's photo-themed love sim Photo Girlfriend has been delayed from its September 29 date. The game is now date TBA.

Dengeki also has a new report on Final Fantasy XIII this week. The magazine shows a new illustration and also details the game's prologue.

On the gameplay side of things, the magazine introduces the "Historiacross" feature. You use this to transfer between areas of the world, and as a means of time travel. You'll recall that main character Noel was revealed in Jump last week to be a time traveler, so this system presumably has something to do with this.

We'll hopefully have additional details later in the day once more reliable sources get the magazine.

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