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Xbox 360 Hostess Sim Ported to PlayStation Vita This Winter

Large number of new features promised for portable version of Dream Club Zero.

Dream Club Zero is the one with the mechanical bull mini game.

PlayStation Vita has its first love sim. It has its first visual novel. The next totally Japanesey genre to be announced for the platform is the "crappy hostess club simulation."

D3 Publisher is bringing Dream Club Zero to the Vita, Dengeki PlayStation reveals this week. The game is due for release this Winter (this seems to be the generic release time frame everyone is giving to their early Vita games -- we can probably take it to mean launch window).

Dream Club Zero was originally released for the Xbox 360 as a prequel to the original Dream Club hostess him. Similar to the original, players enter a hostess club and interact with their hostess of choice, buying drinks, playing mini games, watching the girls perform karaoke in a preferred outfit, and so-forth. There's also a dating component to the game, as you can go on dates with girls.

The Vita version will have a large number of new features, producer Nobuyuki Okajima tells Dengeki. Just what those features are, he doesn't say. The magazine's report on the game is only one page and mostly provides a basic introduction.

Prepare to be download contented to hell, Vita buyers! This is an Onechanbara tie-up costume from the Xbox 360 version of Zero.

[via Sokuho]

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