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Dragon Quest X FAQ Confirms Subscription Fee

Wii and Wii U sequel to charge additional fees outside of base purchase price.


The spec box on an official press release announcing Dragon Quest X yesterday seemed to indicate that the game would have a subscription fee. Square Enix has now confirmed this.

The confirmation comes via the Square Enix support Q&A page, which yesterday revealed that DQX will require an online connection to get beyond the first few hours of play. The latest question at the Q&A asks if the game will have separate charges outside of the initial purchase price. The answer: the game is planned to require separate payments in order to play online.

Square Enix has yet to provide details on how the game's online component will work (and referring to it as a "component" may even be wrong if an online connection is indeed required to play through the whole game). V Jump is promising a feature on the game, complete with a developer interview, in its next issue later this month, so it's possible that we'll get reports from other magazines before then.

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