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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Time Travel System Detailed

Find out how Noel lures Serah into following him.

Noel, showing off the charm that made him the last remaining human on Earth (or wherever Final Fantasy XIII takes place).

Dengeki PlayStation has a few new gameplay and story bits on Final Fantasy XIII-2 this week.

The big revelation is that the game will have a time travel component. While it was revealed in last week's issue of Weekly Shounen Jump that main character Noel is from the future, Dengeki's report suggests that you'll be able to freely travel back and forth through time.

This is part of the game's "Historiacross" system. Each area of the game world has a "gate." Activate it, and the Historiacross appears in the area. Using the Historiacross, you can select the location or era to which you'd like to travel next.

Some areas have multiple gates, and depending on the gate you're currently using, you'll be able to access different areas. Triggering the gates requires "O Parts." Finding these requires help from your Moogle companion.

Dengeki shows a screen of the "gate view," where you select your next location. In the example shown in the magazine, you're able to select from Bresha Ruins AF0005. You can also select to save and access the main menu. The screen also lists "Fragment 0/8," although there's no explanation for what this is.

Another set of screens shows the transformation of Bresha Ruins over time. In AF005, two years after the events of the game, it's green and full of life. Years later, in AF300, it's become a wasteland.

It's not clear how the game's time mechanics will work. However, the time element is a central part of the story. Noel has come from far in the future, where he's the last remaining human. He hopes to change the future, and and appeared before Serah. He tells Serah that he met her sister, FFXIII main character Lightning, and suggests that Lightning may be waiting for her.

Lightning finally gets a full introduction in this week's issue. In XIII-2, she's a knight who guards the shrine of the goddess Etro in Valhalla. She's become an existence close to that of a deity.

A screenshot shows Lightning riding her summon Odin and fighting Bahamut and Chaos. Other screens show two fields, Valhalla and Etro's shrine.

[via Sokuho]

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