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Jump Shares New Dragon Quest X Details

The races and world of the online Dragon Quest game.

Are you tired of this same screenshot over and over again?

The latest issue of Weekly Shounen Jump has a huge blowout on Dragon Quest X this week. For its first look at the game, the magazine provides a few specifics on some of the features we heard about earlier in the week at Square Enix's announcement press conference.

As detailed then, Dragon Quest X is actually Dragon Quest X Online. Players play the game together in an online world. Square Enix hasn't used the phrase MMORPG to describe the game, but it does seem to be apply.

Players can create their character as one of five races: Ogre, Elf, Dwarf, Pukuripo, and Wedi. The game also has a sixth race, humans. Jump says that you create your character from one of the five races, but the footage at the unveiling event did appear to show play as a human character as well.

Humans appear to play a major role in the game's story, as Jump says that you'll be solving a mystery involving the human world. "Has something happened in the world of humans?" asks Jump.

The game is set in the world of Astoldia. This world is split into four continents, Ogleed, Eltona, Dwachakka, Pukuland, and one island chain, Wena Islands. These each correspond to one of the five races.

The five areas surround a mysterious area where something seems to be amiss. Jump doesn't put one and one together, but the central area appears to be the "human world" mentioned above.

Jump's two page spread is full of screenshots and artwork, including samplings of Akira Toriyama's new monster work. Square Enix will hopefully share some of these images over the coming weeks (possibly during the Tokyo Game Show next week, where the game is scheduled to be shown in video form).

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