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Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 Live Blog

Nintendo will be sharing its plan of attack to get the 3DS out of the gutter.


Nintendo doesn't usually take part in the Tokyo Game Show, and this year is no different. But Nintendo will be grabbing headlines today as it holds "Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011," a press conference where we presume it will outline its 3DS plans.

The event will kick off at noon. You can watch live at Nintendo's event page, or at Ustream.

We'll be watching the event and posting live updates as they happen in this space, so be sure and check back. As with our recent coverage of the Konami and Dragon Quest conferences, our live update streaming gizmo isn't working, so you'll have to refresh the page to see updates.

Check back close to the noon for full coverage!


12:59: Okay, these Gachaman spots are giving me a headache, so I'm closing the stream. I'll also stop the live blog. Check back later around the site for updates.

12:58: There's a buch of Monster Hunter 3G clips for some reason introduced by Gachaman.

12:55: The streams will be continuing with clips of upcoming games.

12:53: Iwata leaves the stage, and the conference closes with a trailer montage.

12:52: Iwata seems to be giving parting comments. He promises that Nintendo will work hard to make 3DS into the true success for DS.

12:52: The latest numbered Monster Hunter game is in development for 3DS, Iwata confirms after the trailer.

12:51: Holy megatons! Monster Hunter 4!

12:50: What could this be!!!??

12:50: It shows some Monhan character running away from a beast. Monster Hunter platformer?

12:49: It's another Monster Hunter clip...

12:49: Tsujimoto leaves with one more clip...

12:48: The game will have a variety of 3DSish features, says Tsujimoto. These will be announced later.

12:48: A Saturday release, eh? Suspicious...

12:47: Monster Hunter 3G will be released on 12/10 -- a Saturday. Priced ¥5,800.

12:47: Monster Hunter will be included in the 3D video clips released later.

12:45: Tsujimoto is explaining the stuff that was announced in Famitsu -- G quests, the new city, new monsters, etc.

12:44: Following the Monster Hunter 3G trailer, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto takes the stage.

12:42: Yes indeed! They're showing a trailer for Monster Hunter 3G, which was announced last week.

Will we at long last get an official look at the darn controller expansion?

12:41: Uhh.. I think this video is for Monster Hunter...

12:41: Next up, Monhan time!!!!

12:40: Nintendo will deliver 28 3D videos of the game's shown today via 3DS. Timing will be announced at the official site.

12:40: Nintendo will release Kid Icarus Uprising animation shorts from Shaft, Studio 4C, and Production IG. These will be released worldwide through download and will be free.

12:39: Next, Kid Icarus Uprising. More time is needed for the game. It will be released next year.

12:38: Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater, due for Winter release.

12:38: That date leaked out a few days back via the game's mobile site... looks like it was correct even though Konami removed it.

12:38: Next, New Love Plus. Date set for 12/8.

12:37: Level-5 is making many 3DS games, says Iwata. Today, he will introduce Girl's RPG. Boooooooooooooo.

12:37: Level-5 time!

12:37: Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3, due for 11/2 (this date was announced a few weeks back).

12:37: Next, Iwata mentions Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Due for release this winter.

12:36: Tekken 3D Prime Ediiton, due this Winter.

12:36: Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble, due this Winter.

12:36: Resident Evil Revelations, in early 2012.

12:35: Hatsune Miku is due in March 2012.

12:34: This new rhythm game based off Hatsune Miku has Nendoroid-style characters. You can make AR concerts!

12:33: Next up, Hatsune Miku Project Mirai! (Project Future)

12:31: SD Gundam G Genration 3D, due for 12/22/2011. This is the Gundam Age related game that was announced a few weeks back (I believe Level-5 is developing it)

12:31: Next up, the next Suparobo G Generation game!

12:31: It's meant to be like a classic-style Japanese RPG. It will also have some AR features.

12:31: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. A new RPG. Due for 2012. This has Akihiko Yoshida characters.

12:30: Next, from Square Enix...

12:29: DWS VS will offer four player combat competitive play. A release is set for 2012.

12:30: First, Tecmo Koei, Dynasty Warriors VS.

12:29: Next, 3rd party games.

12:29: Iwata also promised more series titles in the future.

12:28: The next Fire Emblem game! Due in Spring 2012. It's all original, and will have two player co-op play.

12:28: Next, Shinrei Camera from the Fatal Frame team. This was announced a couple of weeks back.

12:27: Nintendo will be releasing the game. Omiya Soft is, of course, developing the game. It will have network support. Due in 2012.

12:27: Next, Culdcept for 3DS!

12:26: Next, Culchobit, a soccer game. This will have online support.

12:25: Next, Girl's Mode. I believe this fashion game was announced before. This is due in 2012.

12:22: Friend Collection will appear on 3DS. You'll now be able to become a head of household and raise kids, and such.

12:22: They're showing something that looks like a new Friend Collection!

12:22: You can play as the village chief and build up the village. The game will also have some sort of Spot Pass features. I didn't catch what he said, though -- something about seeing your friends houses as model rooms.

12:22: Animal Crossing, also due in 2012.

12:21: Mario & Sonic at London Olympics, due on 3DS in 2012 (the Wii version arrives first later this year).

12:20: Luigi's Mansion 2, also due in 2012.

12:20: Paper Mario, also due some time in 2012.

12:19: He's going to discuss next year's Mario developments. First, Mario Tennis, due in 2012. This will have a gyro play mode.

12:18: Next, Mario Kart 7.

12:18: Next, software. First, Super Mario 3D Land.

12:17: He hints that the update will have some new Spot Pass mini games.

12:17: They will have a firmware update that ads 3D video footage, a refined Nintendo e-Shop, and improved Mii Plaza.

12:17: To get more girls on 3DS, they will release a Mystic Pink version of the system on 10/20.

12:16: Wii and DS both have even splits of male and female players.

12:15: Next up, future 3DS developments.

12:14: Itadaki Street Wii on 12/1, Mario & Sonic at London Olympics on 12/8. PokePark 2 (just announced in Coro Coro Comics) coming at the end of the year.

12:14: Zelda Skyward Sword: 11/23. They'll be bundling the gold Wiimote and a concert soundtrack CD with the game.

12:14: Taiko Drum Master Wii Ketteiban on 11/23

12:14: Go Vacation, from Namco Bandai, due on 10/20. Kirby Wii on 10/27.

12:14: But first, the year-end Wii titles. First, Dragon Quest Collection, due for 9/15. Just Dance Wii, due for 10/13.

12:13: He will be speaking about 3DS future developments.

12:12: Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata takes the stage.

12:12: They're showing a video montage of all the upcoming 3DS games. New Love Plus is featured prominently (during the music transition).

12:10: Miyamoto leaves the stage after his Zelda presentation.

12:09: Miyamoto is explaining the various areas of the game. I'm not sure what's new and what was previously announced.

12:06: Man... Nintendo really knows how to make good looking Wii games. (You should be watching this Zelda gameplay footage if you're not.)

12:05: Miyamoto says the game took five years to make and had over 100 staff. He's played it many hundreds of hours himself.

12:04: Miyamoto is explaining the swordplay fundamentals of the game.

12:04: Now, Skyward Sword...

12:04: They showed some Four Swords footage, but didn't say when it will be released.

12:04: The Moving Memo they're showing now was made by Nintendo's staff. They're currently doing judging for the contest.

12:03: He's detailing the upcoming anniversary plans. First, the orchestra, the Moving Memo contest, etc...

12:03: Before the main topic, 3DS, he's going to speak a bit about Zelda. He says he's a bit shy about showing up in Zelda attire in Japan.

12:02: Shigeru Miyamoto takes the stage in full Zelda gear!

12:01: PIc of the event space:

12:00: The event kicks off with a Zelda trailer.

11:59: The live stream has started! They're playing peaceful water level music in the background.

11:58: Also see Famitsu's coverage here. They say there are about 600 people, and the place is pretty much full.

11:57: From 4gamer's coverage:

They'll usually upload pictures as the event happens so refresh their page periodically.

11:53: The event pages are live, although nothing is being shown yet.

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