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Nintendo Aims For New 3DS Audiences With Pink Hardware and New Firmware


Nintendo has some major hardware developments planned for the 3DS later this year. CEO Satoru Iwata outlined the company's domestic plans during a press conference today.

October 23 will see the release of a new "Mystic Pink" hardware variation. This is due on October 20 and is in response to the 3DS male to female player ratio being a bit higher than it is on the DS and Wii.

November will see improvements to the 3DS system via a firmware update. This update will add the ability to take 3D videos through the system's camera, an improved e-Shop, and an updated Mii Plaza. This is just a sampling of the new features, though.

Regarding the firmware update, Iwata hinted at the inclusion of new Spot Pass mini games, but did not share specifics.

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