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Sony is hosting its pre Tokyo Game Show press conference today, on the eve of the big event. Read here for a live blog as the company shares it plans for the PlayStatino Vita.

live updates begin below

14:48: The press conference comes to an end! Check back later for screens and so-forth.

14:37: On the screen as Kawano gives his closing remarks: "When there is fun, people gather and new friendships are born."

14:37: Kawano closes off the press conference.

14:36: Starting in November, Sony will host a "caravan" going to Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Attendees wil be able to try out the system.

14:35: 80 kiosks and 31 titles for Vita at Tokyo Game Show, Kawano says.

14:35: Kawano also mentions the system's accessories and tells people to look for additional details on the system at Tokyo Game Show.

14:34: Vita will go on pre-order starting 10/14.

14:33: The first 500,000 Vita systems will get an NTT 100 hour prepaid data plan included.

14:33: Closing off, Kawan recaps the announcements.

14:32: Sony is looking into a program at a special price for helping these people out. Details will be announced later.

14:32: So what about UMD?

14:31: Most of the PSP download titles can be played on Vita. There are over 600 of them.

14:31: Now the final point! PSP title support.

14:30: These 100 are just in development. Kawano didn't share release time frames .

14:29: He also mentions Tales of Innocence R, Gravity Daze, MGS HD Edition, FIFA, LittleBigPlanet, Ninja Gaiden Sigma -- over 100 titles. The other list from earlier was correct!

14:29: 26 titles launching simultaneously with the system on December 17 -- confirmed!

14:28: That list from earlier was correct!

14:27: Next up, he will announce the launch lineup.

14:27: The Dwango guy leaves, and Kawano takes the stage again.

14:23: They also hope to allow for game connectivity next year or beyond.

14:23: They will work with Sony to release an app for broadcasting yourself via the camera in early 2012.

14:22: The Nico Nico app will be available as a free app simultaneous with the system in December.

14:21: As reasons for supporting Vita, he mentions the 3G/WiFi support and camera. Also, the touch control support.

14:21: Wow.. to introduce the app, they show a Space Channel 5 clip (it's actually from some sort of event from a few days back).

14:20 (You'll recall that Dwango posted a job listing a few months back asking for people to work on the app).

14:19: After a lengthy pause for pictures, Sugimoto announces that Nico Nico will be available on Vita.

14:19: He introduces Sugimoto from Dwango, maker of the Nico Nico Video service.

14:17: Kawano takes the stage again.

14:16: This is set in the Dokodemo Issyo world -- it's also an app.

14:15: Next, Minna to Issho, or "With Everyone."

14:14: First up, Yuusha no Kiroku, a new title based off PSP's Yuusha series. This is actually an "app."

14:14: He's now going to introduce two games that use networking on the Vita.

14:13: He begins speaking about Hot Shots Golf 6 (that's the official name). This will have lots of online features, indlucing a daily tournament mode.

14:12: Next up, more titles, first with Masami Yamamoto from Sony Worldwide Studios.

14:10: Kawano takes the stage and asks Kojima when we'll get more details. Kojima says the game will take some time.

14:09: The new game is an original title. He won't share further details, though.

14:09: They hope to have the same quality between the two versions and launch at the same time.

14:09: The goal is to develop and release a game simultaneously on Vita and PS3. This is the game that Kojima Productions is making on the Fox Engine.

14:08: Kojima moves on to step 3.

14:08: This can be Transfarred between PS3 and Vita.

14:08: The PS3 version was announced at E3. The Vita version is a totally new announcement!

14:07: ZOE HD Edition coming to PS3 and Vita in 2012!

14:07: Next, Kojima shows a trailer for ZOE!

14:06: He also announces Metal Gear Solid HD Edition for Vita! Due out in 2012. This is also step 2 -- you can Transfar between Vita and PS3.

14:05: Next, PS2 quality games. This is Metal Gear Solid HD.

14:05: He previously said that there will be three steps for this. First, step, PSP to PS3. This is Peace Walker HD Edition -- play on PSP and PS3.

14:04: Kojima fist discusses his Transfarring concept -- the thing where you share your game experience in the home and on the go.

14:04: Kawano tells everyone to clap, and they do!

14:03: Next up, Hideo Kojima from Kojima Productions!

14:02: Kawano takes the stage from Hashimoto.

14:01: He promises an update once development has progressed further.

14:01: FFX will be released for Vita and PS3!

14:01: Final Fantasy X!

14:01: What could it be?

14:00: Next, special 10th anniversary title...

13:59: No new date for XIII-2 -- just the previously announced December time frame.

13:59: Next, an introduction to Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XIII-2. These aren't Vita related, unless Hashimoto is announcing something new.

13:59: This is also due at Vita's launch.

13:58: Next, "Army Corps of Hell."

13:57: First, Lord of Apocalypse. This will be released simultaneous with Vita. A PSP version will also be released simultaneously.

13:57: Hashimoto introduces two Vita titles from Square Enix.

13:56: Next up, Shinji Hashimoto from Square Enix.

13:56: It's actually happening! Toro and his friend and rival Kuro will appear in SF x Tekken!

13:55: Oh my... they're showing a video of Toro and Kuro in Street Fighter x Tekken!

13:55: Oops... Ono isn't done yet! Kawano takes the stage and Ono recaps the recent poll from the Vita community site where plaeyrs selected that Sony mascot Toro should appear in the game.

13:52: SF x Tekken will be playable in Sony and Capcom's booth. MVC3 will be in the Vita booth.

Man... he didn't announce anything -- just a broad ranging vision about community and fighting games.

13:52: He better announce something quick!

13:52: Man, Ono is speaking too long about how Capcom wants to use the Vita to expand community.

13:52: Ooh.. I just remembered that Ono was teasing a TGS announcement a few months back.

13:50: "Community" is the keyword that Capcom associates with Vita.

13:49: They'll be adding touch controls, Near features, and so-forth.

13:49: The game will have the same content as the PS3 version. You can play against players throughout the world via online. The game will maintain 60 frames.

13:48: This is due for release simultaneous with the system.

13:47: Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3!

13:47: Ono announces...

13:47: He makes a joke about causing an uproar yesterday (presumably in reference to Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS).

13:44: Taking the stage first amongst third parties in Yoshinori Ono of Capcom.

13:44: Kawano is finally moving on to games Woo Hoo!

13:42: Vita will also have clients for Facebook, Foursquare, Skype, and Twitter. You can open up Twitter in mid game to send out Tweets, for example.

13:41: Next, Friends. You can share your account with PS3, of course. The system also shares Trophy data with PS3.

13:41: Next, he shows the content management system. You can connect to your PS3 and manage your data on Vita.

13:40: Following the Welcome Park demonstration, he mentions some of the other system software, including the web browser. You can use this while playing games.

13:38: He boots up Welcome Park, a built in tutorial application which teaches the basics of Vita.

13:37: He notes that you can multitask -- view pictures while listening to music, for instance. He also shows the flick controls and so-forth.

13:37: Next up, the music player.

13:36: Following a short Spiderman clip, he moves to a music video.

13:35: He's demonstrating the Home screen. There are customization options -- wallpapers, etc. The first app he shows is video playback.

13:35: He's going to show the interface and applications.

13:34: Next, he's switching to something more interest -- an actual Vita app. This part of the demonstration is hosted by SCEJ's Kenjo Akiyama.

13:33: The demonstration was to show how simple it is to connect to a 3G network.

13:32: He's seriously showing the basic settings on the system -- like selecting birthday, etc. Now there'll be no surprise when we get our Vita units!

13:32: He's showing the basic settings -- time zone, etc. After basic settings, the system searches for a 3G network.

13:31: Ahh, it's just the main interface.

13:31: What could be possibly be showing?

13:31: He's going to show something new... assuming the darn Vita turns on!

13:29: Next, Kawano will show a demo of some of the 3G possibilities.

13:28: NTT guy leaves the stage!

13:26: The NTT guy highlights three points of interest for Vita's online functionality: 3G Network, Cloud and Smartphone/Tablet

13:25: Kawano clarifies that you can also use the other data plans that NTT offers right now.

13:25: 980 yen for a 20 hour pre-paid plan, 100 hours prepaid plan for 4,980 yen. They've also got some high speed time in there. Man... complicated!

PlayStation Vita will be the first hardware to receive this plan.

13:23: NTT is creating a new data plan for Vita.

13:22: Some VP from NTT takes the stage for an introduction.

(By the way, I managed to connect and and live blogging directly.)

13:21: In Japan, Sony will be working with DoCoMo for 3G.

13:20: Vita will be released on December 17. It's priced as previously announced 24,980 yen for the Wi-Fi version and 29,980 yen for the 3G/Wi-Fi version.

13:17: Following House's greeting, Kawano takes the stage and recaps the past year since the last TGS. PS3 has soled 51.8 million systems worldwide. PSP has now sold 71.4 million systems worldwide. In Japan, it's taken a 43% hardware share and 49% software share this year.

13:16: Andrew House has assumed his position as Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Kawano announces. House delivers a message.

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