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Sony Unveils Official Overpriced PlayStation Vita Accessories


PlayStation Vita is launching with the full range of official accessories. Sony has cradles, cases and car lighter adapters planned for at or beyond launch on December 17.

The lineup shown below includes the following. Everything is due on 12/17 unless otherwise noted.

Memory Card
Available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB sizes costing, respectively, ¥2,200, ¥3,200, ¥5,500 and ¥9,500. Sony says that Vita games deal with data in two ways depending on the title. Some save game directly to the game card. Others require a memory card. You'll be able to determine which is which by logos on the packaging.
AC Adapter
This is the same as the adapter that's included with the system. Priced ¥1,800.
USB cable
This attaches to the Vita's exclusive "multi use" terminal on one end and USB on the other. Priced ¥1,300.
This cradle has multi-use in (for connecting to the Vita), mult terminal out, and a stereo mini plug. Priced ¥2,800.
Inner Ear Phones
Priced ¥2,800
Protection Film
Priced ¥800
Card case
Holds eight Vita cards and two memory cards. Priced ¥600.
Priced ¥1,800 [dt]Pouch[/dt]
Priced ¥1,500
Travel Pouch
Includes pouch, cloth and strap. Priced ¥2,300.
Carrying Pouch (Black)
Priced ¥1,800
Car Adapter
Price TBA, date TBA.
Portable Charger
Price TBA, date Spring 2012

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