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Cave Details PlayStation Vita Titles

Original shooter and social game on the way.


As its first show of support for Sony's new portable system, Cave announced two titles for PlayStation Vita today. The two games represent vastly different sides of the publisher.

First, and likely most familiar, is a new shooting game. The unnamed title promises to take advantage of the Vita's features. Details besides this were not announced.

Cave was more forthcoming with details on its other Vita title, Shirotsuku. This is based off a popular social game where players play as a "daimyo" in Japan's Sengoku era and build up a castle kingom.

The game makes use of the Vita's network features. Cave mentions three areas in particular:

  • Check in with the game to get souvenirs and buildings exclusive to specific geographic areas.
  • Earn in-game coins based off how far you've traveled (in the real world, like on your commute). The cash can be used to have your townsfolk build a building for you for instance.
  • Connect to social networks and show off your castle town and trade souvenirs.

Like the unnamed shooting game, Shirotsuku is currently without a date. Cave also says that it is undecided at present on localization plans for players outside of Japan.

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